Álvaro CongostoÁlvaro Congosto (b. 1983, Madrid) is an independent filmmaker and associate professor for the Film & TV Department at Boston University.

He started his film career in Spain, where he had the chance to learn from the best. Victor Erice (Cannes award winner for The Spirit of the Beehive, 1973) curated his first short film A Final Remembrance (2006), which was selected for Los Angeles International Film Festival and received numerous awards in Spain.

In 2008. Álvaro was granted with a Fulbright Scholarship to study an MFA in Film Production in the United States. After finishing his studies, Alvaro moved to NYC, where he works as a Filmmaker, Video Artist and Dance Videographer.

With his striking imagery and compelling storytelling, Álvaro has shaped a unique and whimsical world full of obsessive characters and psychologically complex relationships. His European sensibility combined with the demanding work ethics and industry standards learnt in the US, has made his filmmaking surprisingly assuring and captivating, especially considering his young age.

His latest short film The Suitor, was awarded the filmmakers from Spain prize by EGEDA, same as Best Director in Queens International Film Festival, Best Short Film in New Jersey International Film Festival and a dozen more of principal awards and more than 80 festival selections, including Top international festivals such as Montreal World Film Festival, USA Film Festival and Fort Lauderdale Film Festival.

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