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ladia Alvaro

Release date: 2018

What is hidden behind all the hours of sweat and hard work required for an athlete woman to reach perfection? Abused by the constant struggle for flawlessness and external approval, Ladia (Sandra Kramerová) denies herself as human, but the exhaustion and her human limits finally catch up to her.

Inspired by female ¨superheroes¨ (La)ra Croft and Na(dia) Comaneci, Ladia is a woman who dedicates all her effort to win the game, where the only game is to win over herself.

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The Suitor
2016, HD, 12 min.

New Filmmakers from Spain Prize awarded by EGEDA. Bst Short Film at New Jersey International Film Festival. BEst Director at Queens World Film Festival. 15 awards and 81 International Film Festival selections.

October 30th, 1938. During Orson Welles’ radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a lonely man tries to bond with a panicked young woman as they fearfully wait together for the end of the world.


Uncle Phil
2015, HD Film, 6 Min

Third Prize at Festival de Cine Global, Dominican Republic.

Uncle Phil´s wife has an unexpected visitor: her niece has come to borrow a dress, but she also brings other secrets with her.